About Me

A Ph.D. candidate at Johns Hopkins University, I am interested in intelligent surgical systems that improve patient outcomes. My recent work involves realistic simulation of interventional X-ray imaging for the purpose of developing AI-integrated surgical systems. I am a member of the Advanced Robotics and Computationally Augmented Environments (ARCADE) research group, led by Mathias Unberath, and a Link Foundation Fellow in Modeling, Simulation, and Training. I also serve as the President of the LCSR Graduate Student Association (GSA) and Sports Officer for the MICCAI Student Board. In 2019, I earned a B.A. in Computer Science with Honors from the University of Chicago, with a minor in Physics, and I have completed internships at IBM Research - Almaden, Epic Systems, and Intuitive Surgical. In my spare time, I enjoy bouldering and creative writing.